Quality is buzzword at Lyka Laser Tech. For this, we have adapted a policy of continuous updation of “Man, Machine, Material and Management” which keeps us abreast on commitments and competitiveness. We have applied quality management at various levels, like purchase of materials, production, administration and dispatch not just to improve technical performance but also to benefit customers on cost efficient work.

How We Build-In Quality


  • In-Process inspection methods so we reduce initial problem in quality.
  • AQL sampling frequencies increase.
  • Improve process flowchart.


  • We are using custom manufactured fixtures for validate of parts.
  • Written inspection procedure.
  • All machine and provide awareness training to all concern personnel.


  • Monthly data Reviews to necessary corrective actions.
  • Quality program analyses quality KPI.
  • Our quality team follow RCA(Root cause analysis) and fix problem.


  • Scheduled audits to our process (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Our Continuous Improvement program encourages new ideas.
  • A strong focus in quality improvement.



Why choose us?

On-Time Delivery

We produce price-competitive products and deliver them to you in a timely manner.


We can start from a new product design and take it to full production through our NPI and DFM solutions.

Reduced Inventory

Our Inventory Program offers shortens lead times and manages demand fluctuations, product design changes, short product life cycles, and component price fluctuations.

Supply Chain Connections

We capitalize our buying power through economies of scale to minimize the costs of raw material and component purchasing.

Let us work with you!

We have the equipment, experience, and expertise to help you on your next project.