HD Plasma Cutting

Lyka Laser Tech's Plasma Cutting capabilities allow for the high-speed production of complex items that require precise shapes and cuts. Our lights-out automation helps drastically reduce lead times to get you the parts you need fast.

Plasma Cutting is ideal for highly complex parts that require precise dimensions and cuts, and the ability to cut intricate shapes can also eliminate the need for additional operations. Plasma cutting also causes no damage or warping – even to thin materials – and offers precise holes and edges.

Our plasma department is fully automated with loading and unloading capabilities that enable us to offer lights-out automation. We also have an experienced Engineering team that uses nesting to increase sheet utilization, which results in less waste and lower costs.



  • Max sheet size: 4000 X 13000mm
  • Hole diameters: ±1 mm
  • Flange dimensions: ±0.5 mm


  • Messer Plasma Cutting Machine
    130 & 260 Hypertherm Power Supply Source
  • Cutting capacities
    Mild steel cutting    - 50mm
    Stainless cutting      - 32mm
    Aluminium cutting  - 25mm
  • Cutting Table Size
    4000 X 13000mm

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