What if your opponent having the same amount of horses on the wheels with the same skills & Driving conditions?

The only key you’ll have to perform better than your Rival is the VEHICLE DYNAMICS. Vehicle Dynamics relates every single thing of your machine on Wheels.

There’re many subsystems which can make your vehicle flyby at the Chicane Exit way better than your Rival. The important Subsystems are Brakes, Suspension systems, weight Distribution, Aerodynamics & Proper Alignment of your Tyres. Let’s Move on to the Basics of these Subsystems.

Brakes, In commercial Vehicles people only needs this thing to Stop the Vehicle but in Racing it matters the most. Each and every parameter of this subsystems needs to be Very Accurate according to the Track conditions Like Brake Distribution at Front and Rear, Brake Pressure, Braking Force, Design of brake Discs, Calipers & Brake lines etc. Suspension system & Wheel Alignment, This one is the Cherry on cake who can feel the Behaviour of it from Driving. It requires Lots of Iterations & Testings to be Perfect.

There are many Dynamic softwares which allows us to take different Iterations and Results for this, How much amount of Camber Angle your vehicle needs, how much caster, TOE in & TOE out etc. If All these parameters works better your in vehicle then you can save yourself from Understeer and Oversteer Conditions. The Same Way Aerodynamics Matters the most At the Corners. Most Important Parameters Of Aerodynamics are Drag Force and Downforce, You can Study The ALA system of Lamborghini, Active Aerodynamics in Hypercars & DRS (Drag Reduction System) in Formula One. I recommend to study Zenvo TSR-S Active Rear wing Aerodynamics. These Subsystems makes your car way better than your Rivals Even if they having Better Power Unit.