How to do quality testing of sheet metal fabricator?

Nowadays, customers are more concerned about the quality of the products in comparison to any other factor. Owing to this reason, the industries are now emphasizing more on the quality variable to get themselves a noteworthy place in the competitive market.

At Lyka Laser Tech., we have a specialized team that strictly monitor each and every step in the production process to make sure that the sheet metal components are accurately welded as well as fabricated. If in case there is any fault found, the same is rectified instantly to achieve efficiency in operations.

There are many ways which we can use to get a complete idea about the quality of the fabricator and assure that the sheet metal is properly fabricated and possess features like high strength, corrosion resistant, fire retardancy, improvised tensile strength, smooth surface finish in addition to few others. Let’s have a quick look at some of the methods that assure your quality check.

Fabrication workers with required skills and knowledge- It is extremely important that the team of workers are highly skilled and best in their field so they know exactly what they have to do and how. They should have knowledge of joint design, procedures, code & standard requirements and inspection & testing techniques to make sure that the quality testing is done right. Another important factor is that the set up and tools should be proper and as per the procedures for ensuring that the product is turned out as desired. Therefore, it is very important that you have the perfect blend of a skilled team with the right kind of tools.

Backed with right kind of machinery- Working with diverse industries calls for the requirement of right machines that have the ability to manufacture customized products as required by the customer. 

Best machines that will help users to deliver quality products are:

  • GFS downdraft paint booth for painting and blasting
  • Foot Ficep beam line for steel processing
  • CO2 laser cutting machine and ESAB plasma cutting machine for steel processing
  • Automated CMM system for quality control.
  • CNC machines to help supply precision machined parts
  • MAZAK 6 pallet center and OKK vertical mills for multiple machining processes.

These machines should function hassle freely to avoid defects in the products that help in increasing the productivity as well as quality of the manufacturing process.

Top-quality materials for excellent manufacturing- No matter what machines you use or how advanced you are in terms of technology or how skilled your team is, if you don’t have your basics sorted, there is no way you can achieve the target product. Therefore, always make sure that the quality of the material should be the best. In order to create state-of-the-art equipment and resources, it is very essential that the foundation of the product is up to the mark.

Customer satisfaction and support- For us, customer satisfaction is the biggest priority and therefore, we have an efficient and skilled team who can analyze as well as understand the nature of your requirements in order to manufacture products that meet your requirements not just in terms of quantity but quality as well. We believe in building long-lasting as well as cordial relationship with our clients and make sure that the foundation of this relationship is based on high-quality work and earned trust.

We at  Lyka Laser Tech. understand and respect the requirements of a company and try our best to further enhance the standards, quality checks and controls to provide the best to our clients. Our processes, facilities, materials and customer service always meet the standards that help us become a major source to deliver high grade quality fabricated sheet metal products to our valuable customers at market leading prices.